A directory made up of organisations which are managed according to ethical principles

ethical principles

All sessions equip participants to tackle difficult workplace ethical issues with confidence and exercise responsible judgement in professional and personal life.

The Law is has been designed to give free sweets for sale advice and information on legal matters which concern most people. It offers help where the aid of a solicitor is unnecessary. In cases where it is necessary or advisable to appoint a solicitor The Law is will introduce you to the appropriate, specialist solicitor in your area.

The Law is refers thoughout to 'Solicitors' and not 'Lawyer' as in England and Wales you employ a Solicitor who then may engage with an your behalf. In America the term 'Lawyer' refers to anybody who practises law. Insurer refers to any insurance broker or underwriter

Our expertise - With our range of expertise and relationships, we believe, together we can make a difference in many fields, whether it be in the chemicals used to dye leather, whether it is chemicals used in paper manufacture, whether it is in replacing plastic bags with jute bags / bag for life, whether it is in enabling poor deprived parents to resist from drawing their children into an endless cycle of forced labour and denial from basic school education.

We buy properties fast for cash from distressed and/or motivated sellers - People who have some compelling reason to sell their property and where speed of sale is more of a factor than sale price achieved. 

This would include people who have to sell due to financial reasons, emigration, divorce/separation, bereavement, illness, job relocation, inherited property, raising cash for a business. 

Other ethical companies in the UK include